The Alternative Caterer delivers the signature Grassroots Pantry experience to any professional or private occasion in our lives. Demonstrating the potential of incredible plant-based gastronomy without sacrificing quality or flavour, we aim to provide a homespun style of comforting cuisine, pure creativity and a unique personality to any corporate event or gathering.

With the same meticulous, made-from-scratch approach to everything we do at Grassroots Pantry, The Alternative Caterer is similarly dedicated to sustainable, farm-to-table produce of glistening quality. Our menus are customizable to your tastes and requirements, and we remain flexible to special dietary requirements and holistic lifestyles. Dedicated to redefining the gastronomic potential of healthy cuisine, The Alternative Caterer channels the best of the Grassroots Pantry philosophy towards your corporate gathering or any of life’s cherished occasions.

Start customizing your future event today by browsing our menu at The Alternative Caterer!

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