Catering Menu

Catering Menu



Experience with the Chef

Our expressiveness at Grassroots Pantry is one of our cherished founding principles, and we constantly draw from the creative inspiration behind our multi-national chef team. At Grassroots, each dish has its own personality as our chefs tell stories through every delightful plate they craft.





Little Bite Time

Perfect for event openings, cocktail parties and anywhere else the mighty canapé is sorely needed. Our exquisite selection of hot and cold finger foods are inspired by worldly cultures and traditions, keeping your guests satisfied, primed and ready for more.



Corporate Lunch Breaks

Create a buzz-worthy work gathering by tapping in to our innovative brand of plant-based cuisine at your next corporate event. Demonstrate your ingenuity to colleagues and associates with delicious, unique food conceived entirely outside the box.


Home Is Where We Are Too

We’re all about providing rustic comforts that remind us of home, so private entertaining is a perfect match for us. We’ll help you make every party, gathering or special occasion a memorable and delicious one.





Let There Be Cake

The Alternative Caterer provides a cake order service to adorn every special occasion with a sweet centerpiece. We specialize in vegan, gluten-free, preservatives/additives-free desserts using only organic, low-glycemic natural sugars, and are flexible to special requests for unique occasions. Please refer to the price guide below or kindly contact us for more information. Note that prices may vary according to special requests (e.g. ingredient changes).

Cake Sizes and Prices:
4 inches      for 3-4 people      $380
6 inches      for 5-6 people      $480
8 inches      for 7-8 people      $580
10 inches    for 9-10 people    $680


Drink Up: Beverages, Libations, and Juices

With a loving range of cold-pressed juices, rejuvenating elixirs, silky smoothies, organic wines from acclaimed boutique producers, fair trade coffee and tea and a delectable list of original cocktails, we have the perfect drink for any time of day throughout the year.


Beyond the Extra Mile: Additional Services

Planning a fabulous gathering is complicated business, and that’s why Grassroots Pantry makes life as easy as you need it to be. We’ll connect you with extra furniture, serving equipment, flatware, utensils, special kitchen tools and even service staff and on-duty chefs to assist you with hosting.


Full Catering Menu

Every catered occasion demands an excellent range of delectable bites. We put innovation, pride and creativity in everything we do and our catering menu is as unique and extensive as it is delicious. With delicate canapés, home-cooked-style meals, large event platter menus and everything in between, we’ve got everything you need for a successful, memorable and distinctly Grassroots-infused event.


Contact us about catering and events:

* Please e-mail us directly at for enquiries.