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Grassroots Pantry is a homespun restaurant and workshop with a simple core philosophy: to create food that heals  with the highest culinary standards and using the freshest, most nutrient-dense of sustainable, plant-based ingredients.

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We welcome those in search of wellness, good food and excellent service in equal measure. Sourcing unprocessed, sustainable and organic ingredients of quality at every turn, we proudly cater for dietary restrictions and wholeheartedly believe that healthy eating doesn’t have to mean a compromise in flavour or ambiance. Grassroots Pantry is not only about responsible food sourcing and healthy eating; it’s about delivering the art of fine hospitality and giving our customers the full restaurant experience.

Good food doesn’t have to be bad for you and everything around us. We aim to educate the community by setting a standard that promotes local, farm-to-table and sustainable food practices while serving each table a delectable meal.

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